Chicken Cottage Set to Open a Further 20 New Stores Across the UK by 2025

Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage, the cherished fried and grilled chicken chain from the UK, has announced its ambitious plan to significantly expand its footprint across the country. The brand’s vision is to launch 20 new stores over the next two years, cementing its reputation as a leading player in the British fast-food industry. This exciting development follows the successful recent store openings in Watford, Edmonton, Teddington, and Longsight bringing the total store count to 51 including Orpington.

Krishma Vaghela, Head of Franchise Development at Chicken Cottage, shared her enthusiasm for this project. “Our planned expansion represents the continued evolution of Chicken Cottage. We’re not just opening stores, we’re bringing communities together around quality food they can trust. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited to bring the Chicken Cottage experience to even more people across the UK.”

Established in Wembley in 1994, Chicken Cottage has a distinct spot in the food industry with its halal fried and grilled chicken products. The brand prides itself on delivering delicious food crafted from high-quality ingredients, maintaining their unwavering commitment to provide halal-certified food to their customers.

All these achievements have not gone unnoticed, as Chicken Cottage has been awarded the 54th position in the Top 100 Franchise Businesses by Elite Franchise, as Krishma Vaghela celebrates: “We are incredibly proud to have secured the 54th position in the Top 100 Franchise Businesses by Elite Franchise. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our entire Chicken Cottage family.”

This bold expansion plan speaks volumes about the brand’s growth and success since its inception. Starting from a single store in Wembley, Chicken Cottage now boasts a vast network of outlets across the UK and internationally. This achievement isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about the loyal customers who appreciate the brand’s distinct flavours and commitment to quality.

Chicken Cottage also offers rewarding franchising opportunities. According to their franchising website, they are looking for individuals and corporate entities that align with their passion for great food and memorable customer experiences. Chicken Cottage provides extensive support to their franchisees, including store design, training, operational, compliance and marketing support. This robust franchise model has been pivotal to Chicken Cottage’s growth.

Krishma concluded by saying, “Our franchising model is a critical part of our expansion strategy. We’re committed to supporting our franchisees, and we welcome anyone who shares our passion for food and community to join us on this exciting journey.”

In conclusion, Chicken Cottage’s expansion plan is a testament to their commitment to their mission and their faith in the potential of the UK food market. As they prepare to serve their signature chicken dishes to more communities across the country, they continue to uphold their commitment to quality, halal-certified food and unrivaled customer service. Their strong franchise model not only grows the brand but also provides opportunities for others to grow with them.


Chicken Cottage

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