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GoodOaks is a premium home care provider that provides quality visiting care and live-in care allowing people to thrive in their own home. Their mission has remained the same since the very beginning: “to be the go-to provider of quality care at home by valuing, developing and rewarding the caring people who work with us”.

At the centre of GoodOaks is an ethical employment and environmental ethos that attracts and retains talent, and offsets all carbon emissions from carers’ travel between clients at no additional cost to their franchise partners.

A focus on the robust and fast growing private homecare market enables GoodOaks to provide high quality, high profitability care that transforms the lives of their clients.

Incorporated in Poole, Dorset, in 2011 by founders Ben Ashton and Darius Mitkus, award-winning GoodOaks grew rapidly and honed its’ brand, systems and processes before opening up franchise opportunities 2016.

With over 14 locally owned branches across the country, the founders and directors have a personal, collaborative and partnership-led relationship with franchise partners. This enables GoodOaks’ local business owners to have access to the senior decision-makers and those who understand the joys, stresses and strains of running your own homecare business.

GoodOaks takes its’ responsibility to their franchise partners seriously, and are dedicated to developing franchise partners’ businesses and ensuring strong brand, growth and returns.

With the numbers of over 85’s projected to explode from 1.6 million to 3.5 million people over the next 30 years, and those needing 24/7 care reaching 500,000 in the same period, the home care sector is a huge, resilient, and growing sector that plays a crucial role in the functioning of our health and social care system. GoodOaks provides the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people in your area whilst making a difference in your own.


GoodOaks’ GOSTART Programme supports franchise partners to hit the ground running. Both theoretical and practical training covers all aspects of running a quality home care company, including;

  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Marketing, PR and Communications
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Team Management
  • Compliance and legislation
  • Providing person-centred care
  • Preparing for CQC registration interview and inspections

GoodOaks’ hands on approach has proven successful time and time again with a 100% success rate with CQC.

We provide online and in person training for all our new franchise partners no matter what their experience is:

The training never ends as Good Oaks provide ongoing support and regular webinars and in-person training refreshers on various topics through the year. Their experienced Support Office are always on hand to assist with any questions or to discuss any new ideas.

The award winning operating system (GOOS – Good Oaks Operating System) is the hub of their knowledge and provide easy access to everything you need to create and run a success quality home care business.

What will I do as a Franchisee

The role of a franchise partner with GoodOaks is varied and evolves as your company does.

In the early days, you’ll be recruiting a care manager, developing marketing and talent acquisition plans, and starting to implement this. You’ll be learning the GoodOaks quality system and working closely with your Registered Manager.

Being responsible for recruiting, and retaining, the best local carers supports robust business growth while maintaining the quality of your service. You’ll be building relationships with healthcare professionals such as hospital discharge coordinators, social workers, GPs, charities, and many other groups that might refer clients to you.

You’ll be meeting new clients, and checking in regularly to ensure they are receiving a market-leading, personalised care service that you’ll be proud to offer.

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Domiciliary Care

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Management Franchise



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